Bear:  My Book Has Arrived.
A really lovely morning, showing off my story in the local village hall, there was even honey on sale, clear golden honey, sticky honey. I just love honey of any kind.  I even dream about it.  H O N E Y   MMMMMMMMM

 Bear enjoyed riding elephants, as long as Omar held him tight, he found them rather high off the ground and worried about falling .  He thought often of tigers, but so far so good, none have been seen.
London 1990's .... Omar had often dreamed of travelling to far off lands. Not once in his wildest dreams did he think they  would be realized. Until one day he received a mystery parcel in the post.  On opening, he finds a letter address to him, inside the parcel with the letter,  a Bear waiting to be lifted out.  From that day on, his life and views of life started to change forever.

Look out Omar, the monkeys are coming, grab your bags and that Bear of yours quickly now they will take anything they can lay their hands on."  said the Old Man.

Bear tried to make himself invisable, ducking down in Omar's shirt as best he could, to be taken by monkeys , the very thought of  it made him shiver.

Omar laid flat on his tummy, squashing Bear as he did so, the top of the train now red hot in the midday sun.  "Sorry Bear, but it was the best way of protecting you " said Omar.   
Worth being squashed to be saved thought Bear.
Oh, If there is one thing that makes a Bear  fill with joy and happiness, it is a jar full of clear golden sticky honey, the mess is worth it.